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Daily Photo February 21, 2011

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There are several photography blogs that I read either regularly or occasionally.  Seattle Daily Photo is one, another is One a Day – Mostly Seattle, and Dublin Daily Photo.  And from these blogs I occasionally branch off onto others.  A rather fun way to indulge my photography and travel interests.  Today I’ve been continuing the unending task of going through old photos and miscellaneous memorabilia and trying to find a place for everything, and put everything in its place.

I came across the above photo and puzzled over it for a long time.      Is it Ireland, Dublin, Sandycove/Dalkey, near the James Joyce Museum and the Forty Foot?  It was with other photos of that part of the coastline.   I think the photo below was taken at the same time, looking toward the swimmers easing themselves into the water at the  Forty Foot in the distance.                another photo in the same group was this one –  the pink mallows growing by the side of the road as you walk up the hill toward the James Joyce Museum.  These photos would have been taken on Bloomsday, June 16 – sometimes a lovely day, some years cold and overcast.

  I know for sure that this blue house, note the cat on the doorstep, is a house in the area;  as is this one with the yellow door and the random flowers – one of my favourites.    


A New Knitting Project

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Despite suspicions to the contrary, given my silence of late about knitting, I have actually been working away.  I have 2 projects on the go – the sweater for Ian – the local yarn store is still working on getting me more Socrates dark brown yarn so that I can continue that project.  Two, I started another sweater, for whom I do not know but I am half way along on the body of the sweater, assuming it’s not going to be for a giant. 

On Saturday I wandered down to Old Ballard and visited a WSD store – Earthhues – with emphasis on the Dyeing.   After an inspiring chat with Michele, the founder, I came away with an assignment to knit a scarf from one of their kits.

  5 different yarns to be knit back and forth on a circular needle.  I’ve cast on the 210 stitches on a size 4 mm needle and have done 4 rows according to the easy to follow instructions.  Two more rows and then it’s suggested that I choose one of the novelty yarns.  The title of this kit is Shrinking Violet.  And the kit has 110 yards of sportweight organic wool, and 60 yards of designer yarn.  The sport weight yarn is organic (I had better ask exactly what that means), the accent yarns are imported luxury threads (I think maybe from Japan if I understood correctly), and the colors are from plants and natural sources.  The knitted measurements are reckoned to be 5 1/2″ x 42″.  We’ll see how I do.  This will be interesting.