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Sweater Knitting March 31, 2011

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  This is the sweater I am knitting for Ian.

  and here he is wearing a sweater from Fisher’s in Dublin – that’s the sweater I’m using as a guide for the one I am knitting.  I think I have a bit more knitting to do!

The yarn I’m using is lovely and soft, Socrates brand, and I’m using 2 strands. 

Readers know I like to read while I knit.    

     I have just finished a splendid book.  The Emigrants by Vilhelm Moberg.  Originally written in Swedish and published in 1949.  What a wonderful evocation of the emigrating experiences of a group of Europeans in the 1850’s.  They made up their minds, for various reasons, to emigrate from Sweden and make a new life for themselves far across the sea in America.  At the conclusion of this book, Volume I of a planned trilogy which turned into 4 volumes, they have at last reached the shores of America, New York, after a perilous voyage across the North Atlantic.  And this was before the days of steam so they were all cramped together in a sailing vessel.  These people many of whom had never even seen the sea before.  I look forward to Volume II, Unto A Good Land.

And I am considering my next knitting project after I finish Ian’s sweater.

  how’s this for a detailed pattern.  No knitting and reading at the same time for this one.


Moving On – My Book Collection

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Today I had a nice bike ride (sort of in the rain) over to the Couth Buzzard in Greenwood.  Uphill a fair bit of the way but nothing drastic if you choose your route carefully.

  this is the bookstore

I took several books – 8-10 – in the bicycle pannier.  Exchanged them all for credit.  And then found a few different ones to bring home.  Net change in my book collection – probably about minus 5.  This is a slow process!!  But an enjoyable one – and I also had a good cup of coffee as I browsed the book shelves.

On my ride home, I came to the top of one hill and wondered if I was in a different country.  Maybe back in Bhutan.  A weird feeling.

  a monastery with prayer flags flying – the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism

p.s. as a matter of curiousity I have just checked out google maps – by their route the bicycle ride to get there should have taken 11 minutes, a distance of 1.5 miles.  Coming back google estimates 8 minutes.  That’s mostly downhill.  I don’t think google stops at intersections or stops to smell the roses.  It took me considerably longer each way.  By car, google allows 5 minutes each way.


Additions to the Postcard Collection March 30, 2011

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I mentioned in my previous entry that I had found a few postcards over at Magus Book Store.  Well, here they are.  No great philatelic history connected to any of them but still I am pleased enough.  This image has the caption Bernard Hermann, Rue St. Jacques

  a postcard  from the Wells Fargo Bank History Room, Russian Hill 1876 – this would be in San Francisco

  a postcard of a painting by Jacques-Henri Lartigue, title Bibi au restaurant d’Eden Roc, Cap d’Antibes, 1920

  a card from the Courtauld Institute Gallery, a painting by Pierre Bonnard (1867-1947), Young Woman in an interior, c. 1906, oil on canvas

Colleccting these images makes me want to get out my sketchbook and paints.


Trip to Magus Book Shop March 29, 2011

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The trip over to the University District to offer some books for sale to Magus Bookstore was a great success.  I (or rather we – my chauffeur, 2 little ones, and I) took about 80 books, parked right outside the store, unloaded the 6 bags, and browsed while the books were being assessed.  We found several books and postcards to buy and then negotiated the purchase in exchange for the few of my books that Magus wanted.  We left rejoicing with a tiny bit of cash, approximately 50 rejected books, and several used books that were new to us.  All in all a great time although I must say I was a bit disappointed that Magus didn’t think more of my books were worthy of purchase.  They must know what the market is there in the U-District and made their purchases accordingly.  I will now assess the rejects and decide what ones to take to the Uncouth Buzzard and what ones to save for an upcoming neighbourhood yard sale.

We concluded our trip with a nice stop in Starbucks across the street from Magus.

 coffee and water and cars and bananas at Starbucks

  some of the books destined for the trip to Magus

  I couldn’t resist purchasing this knitting book


Music for the Ages March 26, 2011

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Music for the ages – or should that be Music for the Aged

  here’s just the sort of treasure I might have found in Magus when I was looking through their music section.  (Magus being the used bookstore over in the University District.)  The volume pictured here is a present from my music teacher in response to my request for some popular titles going back to the 1930’s.  I am searching for songs that my brother and I used to play and sing together.  This little volume will be a great aide memoire.

   sample page – just a few lines to remind me of the lyrics and the tune – Pajama Game –  Adler and Ross; I Love Paris – Cole Porter; and Careless – Howard Jurgens.

Now I will progress with my list of particular favourites that I hope are still in my brother’s collection.  It would be just wonderful to have that sheet music again.


Janet’s Books Relocating March 25, 2011

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  some of my readers may remember this little notice that I had at my “book table” at the Dublin City Book Fairs.  That was almost 2 years ago now.  Well, all the unsold book stock got packed and shipped to Seattle.  Over the past few months it has been unpacked, moved around the house, stored in the hallway, stored in the garage etc.  Now I think those books are going to be relocated again.  I have taken a few to a used bookstore in Greenwood, the Uncouth Buzzard.  The Uncouth Buzzard bought about 6000 books from Epilogue when it closed down on Market Street here in Ballard.   A sad day when Epilogue closed last August.  Correction, I now understand that the Uncouth Buzzard is now the Couth Buzzard.  A book store and espresso cafe – a cool place.

I was over in the University District earlier this week and I went to Magus, a good used bookstore there.  I was on the search for some old sheet music but as I was there leafing through piles of music, various customers were bringing used books in for assessment.  Cash or credit or rejection were the options.  I watched in amazement.  I thought maybe there’s an opportunity for me.  So I’m hoping to meet up with the Magus assessors on Tuesday when  I have lined up a chauffeur who can wait in the car outside while I ferry a few bags of books into the store.  My stock numbers about 300 books – I might try to take about 100.  All these books are well-loved, but it’s time to move them on, either for cash or credit.

Looking back I see that I wrote a rather similar post about a year ago on March 17 2010.

  some of my stock, on display at one of the Dublin City Book Fairs

another photo from the past


Blogs I Want to Keep An Eye On March 24, 2011

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Back in December 2009, I made a list of the blogs I like to visit.  I keep referring to that archive blog to try to keep up with life in the stratosphere.  Now it is March 2011, and I’m making a new list.  It doesn’t mean I am abandoning the old list, just making a new list.  There is some overlap.  It’s meant as an aide memoire for me rather than an attempt to steer anyone else in similar directions.

A Bluestocking Knits

Bettina     Woolly Bits and Everything Textile

Fed by Birds     shop in London

Sue in New Hampshire     Life Looms Large

Cliffe    Vintage Seattle

Kiwi Dutch     Dutch mom friend of Matt’s

Kim     Seattle Daily Photo

Chuck     Seattle Almost One a Day

Mette   Historic Knitting Denmark

Strath      interesting photography

Crucibulum    James’ cycling statistics

Postcards     The Best Hearts are Crunchy

Kristie    Kristie in BC – Kamloops

Leigh     Fiber  and Homesteading

Liz Lovick      northern lace

Emperor Orp    Susan’s blog

Matt    Just Wondering

Jean Miles    knitting and life

Joanna            Mauselina     

Dave in Montana   Postal Art

Mary Lou    Yarnerinas

Another Lynne     Food Fun and Farm Life in East Africa

Shandy     in Essex   Cheviots

Lynne     sockladyspins

Will Cookson    blog


unknown    bookmarks in used books

my blog    Janet’s thread


Back to the Knitting March 23, 2011

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  just to show you I’m not neglecting my knitting – but the catch is that this is not a recent photo.  It’s a nice memory of a lazy summer’s day in August 2004 at the farm in Milford New Hampshire.  Alas, the farm was sold about 5 years ago and now family reunions are being planned elsewhere.

  Last year’s reunion was over the Fourth of July Weekend on Garnish Island in Kittery Point Maine.  After a lovely day with about 40+ family members of 4 generations, some of us gathered on the beach again to watch the Portsmouth New Hampshire fireworks across the water – and also light off a few of our own.  It was a wonderful weekend and I hope we can gather again this summer.  I’ll be sure to bring my knitting!

p.s. here is a photo I just found of a Reunion in 1980

Ian delivering a plate of chicken to the festive board;  James, at age 11, sitting on the ground in the background.  I think that is my elbow in the foreground.


The Espresso Printing Machine

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  here it is, the Espresso Printing Machine.  I don’t know if it’s the latest in technology for self-publishing but it sure was fun to see it in action, churning out the pages and then a bound volume being spewed out.  This is a printing/publishing service over at the University Bookstore in the University District.  I’m investigating going this route with some of my blog entries.


Handel Play-In March 21, 2011

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As part of the celebrations of The American Handel Festival, we have Handel in Seattle – and on Saturday I participated in a Handel Play-In.  It was a special community event at St. James Cathedral here in the downtown/First Hill  part of the city.  The Seattle Recorder Society and the Moss Bay Recorder Society joined forces for play 2 movements of Handel’s Water Music.  Recorders, viols, Baroque flutes etc.  All each musician had to do was bring an instrument (pitch A=440) and a music stand.  Parts were provided by our conductor Peter Seibert.

  photo taken by husband Ian – you can see the conductor, Peter Seibert.  I am in the second row on the right in the Tenor 2 section.  I would estimate that there were about 50 players and a sprinkling of 30-40 in the audience.  Speaking for myself, I had a wonderful time playing non-stop for an hour and a half.  And Ian tells me we sounded quite good.

  that’s me wearing the white blouse

It turned out to be an all-day exercise to get downtown on the bus, have a nice lunch at the Elephant and Castle, find our way to the Cathedral – it wasn’t far really but it involved a bit of steep hill navigation.  The Cathedral is near a big hospital – by the time we had puffed our way up those hills, we wondered if we might need the services of the Emergency Room. 

After the concert we wended our way downhill and back to Barnes and Noble, familiar territory.  But that part of downtown on Saturday afternoon was not a nice place to be.  Very crowded, armed policemen patrolling around, some rather suspect characters roaming the streets.  We headed for home.  Unfortunately the bus routes had been changed since we had last been in town.  We had trouble finding the outgoing bus stop – and then we waited and waited for the right bus.  We finally gave up, took another unfamiliar bus, got off part way home to make the connection to the right bus.  Waited again a fair while – 3 other potential passengers got into an unpleasant row and a lot of bad language was in the air.  Finally the bus came, the rowdy fellow passengers got on and then exited a few blocks further on without paying, deliberately cheating.   All rather unsavoury after our wonderful concert.  We were glad to get home.