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Mud Cloth From Mali March 8, 2011

Filed under: Africa,Art works,Design,Dyeing,Weaving — Janet @ 4:22 am

Yes, Mud Cloth from Mali, that’s what the tag says on a little bag I bought today.

Simple, elegant.

To quote the tag:  “The traditional cloth of Mali is called “bogolan,” known here as mud cloth.  Historically, men weave the white cotton and women create the intricate designs, although the roles have become interchangeable today.  It starts out as hand spun cotton, made on site.  Then an elaborate process of dying (sic) with the mud and bark takes place.  It is said that mud cloth was first dscovered when a hunter chased an antelope into a river in Northern Mali, getting mud on his tunic.  When his wife tried to clean the tunic, she could not remove the mud stains.  This same river provides the best mud for making cloth which is now used for everything from scarves to table runners to handbags.”

  map of Mali from the Lonely Planet website


2 Responses to “Mud Cloth From Mali”

  1. Joanna Says:

    It is beautiful. That was a clever hunter. Or more likely, his wife was clever.

  2. lancek1 Says:

    How interesting. It never ceases to amaze me, the ingenuity and creativity of people. Hmmm, i wonder if there’s any suitable mud around here. . .thanks for sharing

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