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Picture Postcard, c. 1905, Wyoming Hotel, Orlando Florida March 14, 2011

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  a friend of my sister sent her this “internet find” and she in turn sent it on to me.  It’s a reproduction of a postcard of the Hotel Wyoming in Orlando Florida. 

  the photo of the Hotel Wyoming, from this site

 This is sort of the Hotel Wyoming in Orlando as my 5 year old memory would have it.  I did visit my grandfather and great aunt there when I was around the age of 5.  I can remember a Mr. Jolly who could produce nickels from ears or some such benevolent magic trick.  In my mind the Hotel Wyoming had numerous rocking chairs and just a rather indolent or relaxed olde world atmosphere. 

As I was growing up, my grandfather and his sister (this would have been after my grandmother died in 1940) always went south to escape winter in New England.  Maybe not early on but as the years passed, one of the daughters (my mother or my aunts) would accompany them for the trip.  My early visit might have been in 1941 when I was closer to 4 than to 5.

I discover on the internet that the Hotel Wyoming was originally built in 1870 and was a private residence of a Nathaniel Poyntz.  It later became a hotel and was expanded over the years until it was torn down in 1959.

On another site I found this postcard of the Hotel Wyoming, date 1948.


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