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Sweater Knitting March 31, 2011

Filed under: Knitting,Knitting patterns,Sweaters — Janet @ 9:13 pm

  This is the sweater I am knitting for Ian.

  and here he is wearing a sweater from Fisher’s in Dublin – that’s the sweater I’m using as a guide for the one I am knitting.  I think I have a bit more knitting to do!

The yarn I’m using is lovely and soft, Socrates brand, and I’m using 2 strands. 

Readers know I like to read while I knit.    

     I have just finished a splendid book.  The Emigrants by Vilhelm Moberg.  Originally written in Swedish and published in 1949.  What a wonderful evocation of the emigrating experiences of a group of Europeans in the 1850’s.  They made up their minds, for various reasons, to emigrate from Sweden and make a new life for themselves far across the sea in America.  At the conclusion of this book, Volume I of a planned trilogy which turned into 4 volumes, they have at last reached the shores of America, New York, after a perilous voyage across the North Atlantic.  And this was before the days of steam so they were all cramped together in a sailing vessel.  These people many of whom had never even seen the sea before.  I look forward to Volume II, Unto A Good Land.

And I am considering my next knitting project after I finish Ian’s sweater.

  how’s this for a detailed pattern.  No knitting and reading at the same time for this one.


7 Responses to “Sweater Knitting”

  1. kristieinbc Says:

    The sweater looks wonderful! It will soon be time to attach the arms, then you will be on the “home stretch!”

  2. Janet Says:

    Thanks for the encouragement. Another few inches yet on the body before I get to the arm attaching bit. I had a long wait for the yarn store to get additional yarn – I never buy enough when I begin a project. I suspect I will need more again before I’m done.

  3. Bettina Says:

    Janet, you can always get an audio book, if you want to knit the grey/white sweater – and “read”:)) looks great though, I really like the nordic patterns. I found one I want to make myself, from the Handberg book about Norwegian patterns… found the right yarn, but not the time – yet:))

  4. Janet Says:

    I’m not sure I want an audio book for a novel – I’m still attached to paper. But what I could do is go the audio route for language study, for example. That could be fine.

  5. Moni Says:

    Hello Janet, now this is incredible… This must be a rather old (but timeless!) pattern – at least 20-25 years old, because I had had a magazine with the very same picture, the very same pattern… and knitted a grey-white sweater but I was lazy and only used the star pattern in the middle! As far as I know my sister-in-law still has the sweater among my old clothes back in Hungary!

    Amazing. I think this shows us all how timeless same patterns are.

    (I usually watch the telly while knitting. But if it is a difficult pattern, then every little noise can be distracting for me.)

  6. Janet Says:

    Dear Monika – yes that is an old pattern and it was in a packet which I found in Oxfam in Dundrum. The packet was published by Marshall Cavendish. Someone must have cleaned out their house and donated that packet to Oxfam.

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