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Reviewing some of my books April 10, 2011

Filed under: Book buying and selling,Books,Geography — Janet @ 8:33 pm

Just going along sorting through my books and pulling out more volumes to pass along to the Buzzard, or Ophelia’s Books, or Magus, or Mark at Fremont Market, or the Seattle Public Library Book Sale.  I’ve been doing well this past week and have managed to shift quite a few books, one way or another.  Still hardly a dent in the total.   Here’s a book I found this morning.  You can guess why I liked this dust jacket.  This particular edition was published in 1979.  But the stories it contains were originally published in the 1930’s.

And here are some of my books lined up in our hallway.  

  just a few of the 300+ books ready to go.

Another statistic – on my side bar you might note the number of flags representing countries which have visited my blog.  Next to the flag is the number of times visited by a reader from that particular country.   Visitors from 167 different countries have visited my blog.  Yet I’m told I have 230 flags – I don’t quite understand that discrepancy.   For a long time I had only been visited once by a reader from 9 individual countries.  I now see that that number has been reduced to 8.  I want to figure out which country has leapt to 2 or maybe higher?  And which are the countries from which I receive so little traffic?  I receive the most traffic from readers in the U.S., followed by Great Britain, and Canada.


2 Responses to “Reviewing some of my books”

  1. kristieinbc Says:

    That is a great dust jacket! If I saw that at a used book sale I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  2. Bettina Says:

    ach, Miss Marple, one of my favourites:)) I haven’t read all of the books though – maybe because I saw the films first? I still see that scene where Miss Marple sits in court and annoys the judge no end with her needle-clicking:)) and the pout she makes, when he points out that she might be more concentrated that way, but he won’t be:))

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