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The Sea Stallion April 27, 2011

Filed under: Sea Stallion,Viking ships — Janet @ 1:24 am

   photos from the Viking Museum website     

Remember a few years ago in 2008 when I followed the voyage of the Sea Stallion, the replica of the Viking Ship that sailed from Roskilde in Denmark around to Dublin via Norway and Scotland.  Well, the Sea Stallion is back in the water.  Its home is the Viking Museum in Roskilde.


2 Responses to “The Sea Stallion”

  1. kristieinbc Says:

    I have actually been to the Viking museum! I purchased a model of a Viking ship that looks very similar to this one. In knitting terms it would be counted as a UFO. It has sat on my shelf, unfinished, for many years.

  2. jeanfromcornwall Says:

    My visit to the Viking Ship Museum was 23 years ago and I got a pendant in the shape of an axe. I was scruffling around in the boxes the other day, and came upon the plastic carrier bag that all our souvenirs were put in at the till – I can’t bear to throw it away!

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