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Compelling Reading May 5, 2011

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  The Clothes on Their Backs by Linda Grant.

Linda Grant is an author that I like.  According to the Wikipedia entry she is a British novelist and occasional journalist.   i.e. She writes novels and occasional other pieces.  It is her novels that I have read mostly.  The novel pictured above I found on the shelves of Oxfam in Dundrum in Dublin and it has since been sitting on my shelf  or shelves on both sides of the Atlantic just waiting to be read.  It along with about 100 other books.  The line of “unreads” doesn’t seem to diminish at all although I am nibbling away at them.  The problem is I tend to keep buying more books before I have read all the ones I already have.

This book seemed to fit in with what I have been trying to write myself, namely the research into my family history.  So as a break from my writing and fiddling with photographs I spent an enjoyable hour or so finishing this Linda Grant book.  My family history doesn’t have much in common with Linda’s but still, the idea of memory and place and the confluence, if that is the right word, of family members all contribute to the inspiration for writing.

Here is the cover for the little booklet I am working on.  Inspired by Grandson Kyle’s family tree, that’s kind of the line I am taking.  Most of the material has already appeared in my blog posts under Family History.  I am just recrafting it for hard copy to be printed, probably for limited circulation to family members.  This is the spin-off from that autobiography I’ve written and have been trying to work up into more readable form.  In addition to The Miller Line and the Friend Line in the Genealogy I find that since I’m at the center of this little booklet and I do get married, now I have added The McKee Line – and I haven’t  written very much yet about the genealogy on that side of my life.  For Kyle’s project we did find quite a few photographs so I should be able to cobble something together.

And as part of this show and tell, I’ll show you my current knitting – another jumper.

  body of the jumper, on a circular needle size 3.25 mm.  2 strands of yarn, Socrates and a sock yarn of suitable colour – from the stash


2 Responses to “Compelling Reading”

  1. Matt Says:

    Is that you on the cover? Sweet photo!

  2. Joanna Says:

    Well, I was going to say the same thing, but Matt beat me to it. Adorable! And a very cute dress too.

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