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Syttende Mai May 26, 2011

Last week, 17th of May, was the big day.  Norwegian Constitution Day.  And the big parade in Ballard, and elsewhere of course, Oslo!  I wrote about the Ballard Parade in this post.  The parade here in Ballard was great fun.   And earlier in the day I just happened to have my Norwegian language class at the Nordic Heritage Musuem.  In honor of the day, there were some special items for sale.  And I just happened to buy 2 cards and a magnet which interested me.  The cards were done by an American artist of Scandinavian descent.  Sharon Aamodt.  www.nordicfolklore.com  She had a large selection of cards reproduced from her lovely paintings, but I chose 2 of spinning and weaving interest.

            Spindle spinning with the upright looms in the background.  Presumably these women are wearing simple garments of earlier Viking times.

I don’t know at what point the bunad, the traditional Norwegian folkwear, became more popular.  There were certainly many men and women wearing their bunads the day of the parade.  And yesterday in Norwegian language class one of my classmates wore her bunad and explained all about it.  Here she is with her husband, and their dog, on the day of the parade.

      National dress for Syttende Mai

My other purchase was a simple magnet with nice painting of a Norwegian Elkhound.


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