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Janet’s Books Are Going Out The Door July 23, 2011

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Readers of my blog might remember that once upon a time I had a “book business” which I called Janet’s Books.  Janet’s Books appeared regularly at the Dublin City Book Fair.  Then Janet’s Books relocated to Seattle.  And now in recent months some of the stock has been distributed round to other 2nd hand booksellers in Seattle, either for cash or credit.  Many books still remain – but the Seattle Public Library fund raising sale is coming up again in September and donations are welcome.  So bags of books – the last of my Dublin inventory – are going out the door and handed over gratis to the local library.   I wonder how many we’ll see again when we go to the big library sale in September.  I’ll try hard not to buyback any of my previously owned books. 

I had a nice reminder today of my local library of years ago in Belmont Mass.    One of my high school friends found a picture of that local Benton Branch Library – it was at the corner of my street – the corner of Oakley Road and Old Middlesex Road.  I used to go to that library almost every day.  It was my local “hanging out” spot – and particularly after my mother started working there.  It was a cosy little place.  It used to be the chapel for the Benton family who had a big house and surrounding land.

  Benton Branch Library, Belmont, Massachusetts    (courtesy of the Boston Globe, I think)


5 Responses to “Janet’s Books Are Going Out The Door”

  1. mlegan Says:

    What a fantastic library! I loved our library when I was a kid – it was one of those Carnegie libraries, lots of similar designs around the east coast, I think. I should try to find a picture. It was my haven in the summer.

    • Janet Says:

      It really was a most interesting structure. It was originally the private chapel for the Benton family who had the Benton Estate. I’m not sure how large the Benton Estate was, but eventually the land was used for houses built in the 1920’s. The big Benton house was still there when my father and his 2nd wife bought their newly built house in 1927. Fascinating to see early photos. The Benton house was no longer there when I was growing up but Benton Road was only a block away.

  2. Matt Says:

    That’s a beautiful library! What a great place to hang out. I would love to peruse your books. Is your inventory all knitting books or do you have other categories? Any John McPhee in there? Children’s books? Are the books already bagged and gone?

  3. Janet Says:

    Matt – I’ll put together a list for you. Yes, there are a few John McPhee books there but the very best I’m hanging on to!

  4. Joanna Ryan Says:

    That is indeed a very comfortable library. It reminded me of the one I went to as a chile, also a Carnegie, I think. Very woody, very cozy. It had stereoscopes and the requisite postcards to look at. I haven’t seen one of those for a while.

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