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Knitting in the Netherlands September 2, 2011

  Isn’t this the most marvelous image.  It is in the current issue of Piecework Magazine, p. 46.  It is part of an article by Donna Druchunas.  Originally it was the cover of the December 1930 issue of Needlecraft magazine.  A woman knitting and skating.  In turn, the image used here in Donna’s article in  Piecework is courtesy of the Longmont Museum, Longmont Colorado.  (Important to give all the credits where credits are due)  I think is is a charming image and just conjures up all sorts of ideas and memories.  Donna’s article is extremely interesting about historical knitting in the Netherlands.  I won’t reveal all the information here but I like Piecework magazine very much and if you like this type of article then Piecework Magazine is the one for you.  Lately I have been passing on my collection of weaving and fiber arts magazines but I will hold on to the Piecework issues for a while longer.

Also I want to put in a plug here for a workshop to be given by Franklin of The Panopticon blog.   Next Friday night he will be at the Weaving Works here in Seattle giving a workshop on historical knitting patterns.

My knitting efforts of late have turn to socks.  Nothing historical or super fancy.  Just easy to knit with nice yarns.

  easy to knit and easily portable as a compact knitting project.


3 Responses to “Knitting in the Netherlands”

  1. Freyalyn Says:

    Now I’m loooking forward to that issue of Piecework even more. Enjoy the workshop with Franklin.

  2. Mary Lou Says:

    Franklin is so fun. That should be a wonderful evening. Looking forward to Piecework – I love that painting.

  3. Bettina Says:

    I have a few old pix in a german magazine where they show dutch people knitting – with one of those oldfashioned knitting belts… never tried it myself though. the colours of your socks are lovely, they remind me of a nice sunset:)) not that we’ve been having any like that lately….

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