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First Day of School, 1941 September 8, 2011

Filed under: Belmont High School,Friendship,Memories,Sports — Janet @ 1:51 am

  This is the first day of school here in Seattle so just for fun I have found a picture of my first day of school back in 1941.

first day of school, 1941 – that’s me age 4 1/2 all set for my first day of kindergarten at Payson Park School, just down the hill in Belmont Massachusetts.  My teacher was Miss Fitten.  The other kindergarten teacher was Miss Hurd.  I was the fourth of the Miller children to attend.  And Miss Hurd was the principal.  All the teachers were Miss.  The grades went K-6 and 2 classes in each grade.  The school closed sometime in the 1970’s and subsequently burned to the ground.

Now I will fast forward, and since it is supposed to be autumn, and that meant field hockey season, I will show a picture from my Belmont High School yearbook, 1954.  How I happen to have that yearbook is another story which I don’t think I have related yet on the blog.  That tale will wait for another time.

  I was very keen on field hockey and am still in touch with some of the teammates pictured above.  Anne Freeman Mayo, now living in Wethersfield Connecticut near our son David; Sandy Coit Steven, living in the far north of British Columbia in Vanderhoof; Susan Bliss Alden living in Burlington Vermont.



3 Responses to “First Day of School, 1941”

  1. Matt Says:

    Wow! You were team captain! I’m going to start calling you Captain Janet 🙂 That photo of you on your first day of school is sweet — an American tradition.

  2. mlegan Says:

    So cute. AND you were a high scorer!

  3. Bettina Says:

    over here the kids already have the 2nd week of school behind them! the funny thing though: female teachers here are still called “miss”, even when they are in their sixties and have been married for 40 years:)) maybe that’s a leftover from the years, where women had to stop work as soon as the married? if you’re working – you’re not married – so you’re a miss:))

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