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A Book Fair American Style October 10, 2011

Filed under: Book buying and selling,Book Fairs,Books — Janet @ 6:32 pm

  This is the flyer for the Seattle Antiquarian Book Fair, held as you can see last weekend.  This was our destination last Saturday.  Very similar to the Dublin City Book Fairs in which I used to participate except the Seattle one was much larger and more upmarket.  I never went over to London to attend the Antiquarian Book Fairs in Russell Square but I suspect they would be more comparable to this Seattle one in terms of the value of the items for sale.  The Seattle Fair had almost 100 exhibitors and they came from all over the U.S. and Canada and even a few from Europe.  We were browsers and lookers.  The items were out of our league as purchasers but it was interesting to say the least.  In searching the internet for items about book fairs in Ireland I found this link to an article in the Irish Times last August.

Knitting news:         a scarf for the oncoming winter season.


One Response to “A Book Fair American Style”

  1. Matt Says:

    You sure turn up some interesting events, Janet. I wish I’d known about this one. Then again, the pain of not being able to buy anything, or rather the anguish of choosing between a fine old tome and food in my children’s bowls, would probably be too much for me. And then CPS would probably chase me out the state line with my books.

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