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A Bit of Knitting, a Bit of Reading November 2, 2011

Filed under: East Africa,Hats,Knitting,Scarves — Janet @ 2:33 am

Well, I’ve managed to finish a couple of works-in-progress.  Very simple projects.   A scarf knit with some of the nice yarn I bought over at Churchmouse Yarns in Bainbridge.  And a simple crochet hat – just in time for the colder weather ccoming.  …… a very dark photo – I’ll try for a daylight photo tomorrow.  (p.s. daylight photo below – a sunny morning – hooray!)

More interesting possibly has been my reading.  First a book written by Evelyn Ames back in 1967 when she took a month long safari with friends and a guide to explore parts of East Africa.  The illustrations are by Victor Ambrus, another name from the past.  Evelyn Ames is a poet and a writer.   Her writing reflects an inner sensitivity to the experiences that she is having in seeing the wildlife of East Africa as it was then over 40 years ago.  We were in East Africa at that time and were fortunate to be able to travel extensively to remote areas.  But the wildlife was only part of our experience.  With the Evelyn Ames book, as the title, A Glimpse of Eden, implies, her emphasis in on the wildlife in its natural state.  And she wonders what the natural scene in East Africa will be in 50 years time.  Very different I am sure although I can’t personally testify to that.  According to the blurb on the dust jacket, her writing is compared with that of Isak Dinesen (Karen Blixen) for capturing the essence of Africa.  I am such a fan of Isak Dinesen – I’m not sure that Evelyn Ames is in the same class. Nor did Evelyn in a 2 month private safari, become a part of the fabric of life in East Africa.  I don’t think the books compare at all.   Still, I would recommend reading the book if you happen to come across it.



One Response to “A Bit of Knitting, a Bit of Reading”

  1. kristieinbc Says:

    Well done finishing those projects! I went through my craft room yesterday, sorting and sifting, and was horrified by the amount of unfinished projects and/or yarn purchased for projects that somehow never even made it onto the needles.

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