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Scarf Number 7, and other miscellany December 17, 2014

IMG_4751  a pale/muted scarf this time

I know I wrote that I  was going to knit something different after I finished Scarf 6, but the the needles were nearby. as was the stash, and I just wanted to carry on with  another scarf.  Call it convenience, or call it compulsion – am I being influenced by another blogger, The Sock Lady – she (Lynne Rettburg) lives in the wilds of British Columbia and spins and knits beautiful multicoloured socks.

Last Sunday I went to the local monthly meeting of the Northwest Regional Spinners Association.  They meet once a month in the Ballard Library using the same venue as the weekly story reading for little ones.  So I knew the venue well and I had been to the spinners meeting once before two or three years ago.  I enjoyed the group but somehow what with one thing or another it took me a long time to return.  What is the saying?  Life intervened.

Life nearly intervened again.  Church in the morning, lunch, Ballard Farmers Market (had to skip this), assemble my knitting and arrive at the party minus my wheel an hour late.  This was a conscious decision since I had read somewhere (My Ballard weekly paper?) that it would be 0.k. to just knit at the meeting.  My wheel is getting heavier with the passing years!

When I arrived, a group of singers, dressed in red, were singing carols just outside the meeting room in the lobby of the library.  Lovely.  I entered the room, looked around, no familiar faces, couldn’t see any empty chairs.  Hmm.  Tried to feel confident since after all I was a member, although a lapsed one.  Soon, a person named Chantal came up to me and was very welcoming.  Another chair was fetched from the cupboard and I plunked myself down next to another very friendly woman named Miley.  After a refreshing plate full of festive goodies, Miley introduced me to each of the 10 plus members sitting in the circle.  All busy talking and spinning.  Needless to say this turned out to be a very enjoyable afternoon.  And next month I’ll make every effort to attend AND bring my spinning wheel.

Pictures to follow when I figure out how to post photos from my I-pad.


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