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How Do I Get Anything Done? January 20, 2015

Filed under: Cats,Katerina,Raccoons — Janet @ 6:01 pm

IMG_5276  Katerina is staging a silent takeover.       I wonder if she has any ideas for starting a blog of her own.  She has had many adventures since she joined our family not so long ago.  She even stayed out all night.  I was so worried.  And very relieved when she reappeared the next morning none the worse for her nocturnal daring.  Was she brave or just having to learn a lesson to come when she is called?  I’m told that dangerous raccoons       raccoon2  lurk out there.  Well, I have had a few sightings of them in our neighborhood but the vet told us Katerina appeared to be pretty feisty and would be well able for any encounter with beasties.  Sometimes raccoons are even kept as pets like this one in the photo.

to be continued



4 Responses to “How Do I Get Anything Done?”

  1. Bettina Says:

    what is it with cats on keyboards?:) luckily the dogs can’t jump up on mine – there’d be no space left for me to even sit down in front of it! and racoons – they look so cute, but I think with those rascals looks can be deceiving… I’ve heard that they can bite quite viciously when cornered (they seem to multiply madly in germany, too!)
    have I misunderstood the last entry – did you do a trip to Dublin? or did you move back???? anyway, thanks for your entry in my blog – and a happy and healthy new year to you and yours, too!:)

    greetings from the still partly white emerald isle:)


  2. floridaborne Says:

    So far, the raccoons have been kept out of the doggie door by my 4 doggies (one doggie is 82 pounds, so it’s not a small doggie door). Of course, I have 2 coon cats, too. 🙂

  3. Kaysea Ray Says:

    Your kitty’s name Katerina can be shortened to “Kat” when you are greatly annoyed with her! I like the name Katerina 🙂

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