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Pursuing My Relatives February 9, 2015

This genealogy search is taking me in all sorts of directions and stirring up many remote memories.  I feel I should focus my search and try to do one thing at a time.  For example, on my father’s side of the family there are many relatives that I only met once or twice long ago.  Many first cousins and second cousins.

In real time I am pursuing my peripatetic 89 year old sister.  She is having a rough year moving between hospitals, various nursing homes and rehab centers, her own home, and the homes of 2 of her 8 children.  For a few days she was in Campton New Hampshire where it was VERY COLD., like other parts of New England.  Now she is over in Maine where 2 more feet of snow are forecast.  I’m sure New Englanders are wondering when this will ever end.  I’m remembering a winter back in the late 1940’s when we had record amounts of snow in Belmont Mass.  I loved it.  In my mind’s eye I have a picture of my sister sitting on a high snowbank of shovelled snow.  She is reading a book and I am about to drop a chunk of snow on her head.



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