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Putting the Pieces Together February 27, 2015

This genealogical research is slow work and  I feel that I am going over the same ground again and again.  But the pieces are gradually coming together.  In 1882 when my paternal grandmother Mary Murdock Miller married a man considerably older than herself, she was taking on 2 step children, Lucy and Charles.  But these children were only slightly younger than herself.    These were the children that I had always thought she had come from Crown Point New York to Newark Ohio to care for.  But I was wrong.  She was age 19, the children age 16 and 15.  The father of Lucy Jewett Miller and Charles Dion Miller had been a widower for many years.  Lucy Gilman Jewett, his first wife, had died in 1868.

I have a copy of a very sweet letter written to Lucy by her father Charles in 1876 on the occasion of Lucy’s 10th birthday.   Charles was in Chicago (on business?)       (See a separate blog entry.)

Had my grandmother actually come out to Newark from Crown Point to be a housekeeper for Charles the father and a teacher for his children Lucy and Charles?  Had she responded to  an advertisement or was there some family connection? or other reason?

What became of Lucy and Charles?  So far as I can determine, Lucy never married and she stayed in Newark all her life, living to the age of 74 – she died in 1940.  Charles gradually moved around west of Ohio.  He married in Chicago Illinois.  He spent his final years in Denver Colorado. He married Maude Parr in Chicago (Englewood) in 1892.  They had 4 children – Lucy Maureen Miller, born in  Iowa      in 1894; Charles Oliver Miller, born in Sheldon Iowa in 1897;  Frances David Miller, born in 1898 in Sheldon Iowa; and Mary Jewett Miller, born in South Dakota in 1904.  His wife Maude died in 1911 at the age of 39,   He died in Denver County, Colorado 1960 at the age of 92 or 93.  He is buried in Denver.  His 2 sons Charles Oliver and Francis David predeceased him.

Family View – Ancestry

IMG_0013   my grandfather Major Charles Dana Miller

IMG_0014  my grandmother Mary Murdock Miller

IMG    my father Joseph Buckingham Miller, age 19 (?)

Dad's childhood home Buena Vista Hill Newark Ohio    the family home in Newark Ohio

IMG   1st wife Lucy Gilman Jewett (?),  or Lucy Jewett Miller the daughter



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