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My Grandmother Was a Busy Woman March 3, 2015

In trying to find out more about my paternal grandmother Mary Murdock Miller, I talked with my sister Nan who lived with our grandmother down in Daytona Beach Florida during the winter of 1944-45, November to May.   Nan graduated from high school in June 1944.  Then I think she took a secretarial course or she worked as an aide at New England Baptist Hospital.  She went down to Daytona Beach to live with our grandmother and work at the Naval Base.  Living with our grandmother meant living in a room in the same house where Grandma had a separate room; in other words a boarding house.  So they were relatively independent of each other.  Grandma was in her 80’s.  According to Nan, Grandma played bridge every day and she read a lot..  Nan had her clerical job at the Navy base.  In her free time Nan liked to go to the beach – hardly an activity to share with Grandma.

In May 1945 Grandma went back to Raleigh North Carolina to live with her daughter Myrtle.  And Nan went to Washington D.C. to work for the Government.

Other random facts/milestones in my grandmother’s life.

Grandma was living with the Upshaws in Raleigh at the time of the 1930 U.S. Census.  Grandma was 67, William F Upshaw was 52, his wife Myrtle was 45, Sage was 17, William W. was 8, Mary Bryant 6, and Nancy Miller 4.

Grandma’s mother died when Grandma was 15.  Grandma married at age 19.

Grandma was a member of a poetry circle.  This little book of her poems was published in the 1940’s when she was in her 80’s.




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