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Using U.S. and State Census Records March 5, 2015

In doing the research on my grandmother, I have been referring to U.S. and New York State Census records – thank you ancestry.com.  For a while I have been puzzling over an entry listing Cabella G. Murdock, a younger sister of Mary Elizabeth Murdock, my grandmother. Cabella was age 5 in the 1875 New York State Census.  Who was Cabella?  Could it be Camilla?  Now in the 1880 Federal Census I have found Isabelle Murdock age 10.  Aha.   In that record Mary Elizabeth and her mother are  missing from the household.  The mother, Lucy Murdock, died in 1878.  And Joseph is listed as a widower.  Mary is now 17 and presumably no longer living at home.  Only the father Joseph B. Murdock, Isabelle Murdock, and a farm laborer  Chandler Nothand (spelling) age 32 and a servant Anutter (spelling?) Ida age 19 are listed.  Where is Mary Elizabeth?  Has she gone out to Ohio??


What is also interesting to note in the 1880 census record is that Joseph B. Murdock’s parents  are living on an adjacent farm and another Murdock household is adjacent on the other side.


Gone But Not Forgotten

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Our favorite drugstore on 22nd Ave. NW here in Ballard Seattle is now a thing of the past.  Alas.  BARTELLS.  There are other Bartells, it is a big chain.  But the one on 20th was our favorite.  Such a central location.  Right across from the library.  Near the bank.  Near several good coffee shops.  Free parking for Bartells customers.  Near a postbox.  Not far from the book store and also our favorite Indian restaurant.  Friendly staff, well known to regular customers.   Extensive stock.

IMG_6070  view from JoAnns looking toward the library – just a vacant plot, lots of rubble

The Bartell building has been completely torn down.  The plan is to build a new 4 (?) story building and Bartells as we know it will return to occupy the ground floor.  The prescription/pharmacy part of the 22nd ave Bartells has relocated to space 2 blocks away on 24th.  It’s not the same.  Go to other branches of Bartells for our prescriptions?  It wouldn’t be the same.  Oh well – 1 1/2 years to wait while the new building is built.