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On the Scarf Front and More March 10, 2015

Filed under: Cycling,Family photographs,Knitting,Scarves — Janet @ 2:46 pm

Over the weekend I had a great opportunity for knitting and I finished Scarf Number 26.    IMG_6186


We went on the Edmonds to Kingston ferry and then on to Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula.  And it was a gorgeous day for knitting, visiting a friend from our years in Bangladesh, and cycling.


IMG_6131  leaving Edmonds

IMG_6136  rendezvous point for meeting Lyn Muench – close friend from Bangladesh days

IMG_6152  our first vantage point for viewing the cyclists

IMG_6157  another view – cyclists disappearing at speed in the distance

IMG_6156  is James in this group??  hard to tell!

IMG_6147  waiting for the cyclists

IMG_6173  after the race – James and his dad