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First Bird Seen Today March 25, 2015

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How does the rhyme go?  Star light, star bright, first star I see tonight?That’s how I feel about birds.  If I could recognize their calls and songs I could add “hear” to that little ditty.  Well before daybreak there is a regular cacophony out there.

I think the first bird I saw today was a robin.    IMG_6397  photo and text from the Stokes book again.    IMG_6400

IMG_6399     IMG_6398

(sorry I can’t get these photos to align properly)

My sighting was at quite a distance so I can’t be sure.  The only visitor to the back deck has been one of the numerous squirrels that run around here.  The squirrels are practically constant visitors.


Courting Flickers

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IMG_6268    There were two Flickers having a wonderful time flitting about in my garden this afternoon during a brief shower of rain.  I took photos as fast as I could but only in the second photo can you actually see the female in the tree – if you enlarge the photo. I need a better camera and patience.  The birds kept hopping about on the fence but I couldn’t catch that nor was I quick enough when they hopped on the railing of the steps going down to the garden.

IMG_6389       IMG_6393        IMG_6392       IMG_6391      IMG_6390