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The River Shannon March 26, 2015

We saw the most amazing Nature program on KCTS9 last night.  The photography was absolutely amazing.  A gentle hushed approach to the River Shannon in all 4 seasons.  Made us think of David Cabot and Bill Oddie and the most famous of all Richard Attenborough.


It’s Spring

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Partial view of our garden in April 2011 – long before the big dig of 2014.

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A sunny morning here today and I have planted the contents of  two different seed packets.  Here’s hoping good things happen in the flowerbed.      I have to keep constant vigilance for weeds – they grow like crazy here. 

   view of the flowerbed from our back porch

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Signs Of Spring Today

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Today I saw a small butterfly, pale yellow bordering on white.  And the lilacs are starting to bloom in my neighborhood.  Pictures to follow.