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A Little Mouse April 30, 2015

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yellow-necked-field-mouse-34582  photo credit to the internet

vichy 002  the cat’s latest trophy

These little mice are really rather sweet – many were appearing on our deck at night and eating left over bird food.  That is, until I got wise to their nocturnal habits.  Then one even appeared in the daytime.  I wasn’t too dismayed when I found a dead one lying on the mat – but then as I scooped it up to dispose of it, I saw the little body up close and I felt a bit of remorse.  Yes, it looked so pitiful – and yes lovable – that little furry body with the long tail.   I thought of the Beatrix Potter book, The Tale of Tommy Tittlemouse.  Was I truly sorry?  Well, it was better to kill a mouse than another little bird.  But better yet, no more trophies please, birds or mice.


Preliminary Reading – My Genealogy April 29, 2015

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grandparents 030      This is background  information for my genealogy posts.  This chart has me as the starting point, on the left.  Then reading from left to right, my parents, my parents’ parents aka my grandparents.  Then my great grandparents and great great grandparents..  That’s as far as I’m going to go for now.  I have some information going further back but that will have to wait for another time.

And it’s the third people listed in the third column below, my grandparents, that I’m going to focus my attention on.

Me      Parents                            Grandparents

xxxxxx Joseph B. Miller               Charles Dana Miller

xxxxxx  Dorothy Friend Miller       Mary Elizabeth Murdoch Miller

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Alfred William Friend

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  May Belle Willis Friend


My Grandfathers

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  Charles Dana Miller, 1836-1898        IMG_0013Dad's childhood home Buena Vista Hill Newark Ohio  my grandfather’s home, 285 Buena Vista, Newark Ohio





IMG_0001  Fred – Alfred William Friend, July 4, 1874 – August 4, 1957      photo taken winter 1939-40 (?)  age 66?


IMG_0001  shoveling snow, Winchester Mass.

IMG_0004  my grandfather’s handwriting  about his 3 daughters Elizabeth, Dorothy, and Alice, 1930




My Grandmothers

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IMG_0014  Mary Elizabeth Murdoch, my grandmother age 19?,  1882?

 Mary Elizabeth Murdoch Miller and her son Joseph Buckingham Miller in North Carolina (? or Florida) in 1943.  This picture might have been taken around the time of her 80th birthday, October 30th 1943.

   Mary Elizabeth Miller – self published book of poetry, Late Flowers, Daytona Beach, Florida, 1940’s


My mother’s Great Aunt, Eunice Augusta Friend, my Grandfather Friend’s sister, is included here as she was part of my grandparent’s household.

IMG_0004  Auntie with my cousin Rusty, 1939 approx

 May Belle Willis Friend, Hennepin, Minneapolis, Minnesota, approx. May 1912, the baby is my mother Dorothy Friend, and looking on is Dorothy’s older sister Elizabeth age 5

  Gussie – Eunice Augusta Friend, Alfred William Friend, May Belle Willis Friend, 45 Wildwood Street, Winchester Mass,, 1939 (?)

IMG   Auntie (Eunice Augusta Friend, 1873-1952), my cousin Betsy, me, Grandma Friend, 1872-1940,     photo taken Spring 1939?


Scarf Number ….. I’ve Lost Track

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scarves 2 001   Latest scarf on the left.  It is different – all rows knit for the yellow borders and plain knit in between.  I rather liked the result.  All my other scarves in the current series have been all knit rows.  Rather convoluted wording but maybe readers will get the gist of what I’m trying to say.


Lopi knitting April 25, 2015

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Read what I wrote a few years ago about my Lopi cardigan.

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lopi-cardigan-close-up-resized.jpg  a couple years ago I knit this Lopi cardigan.  Lopi as most of you know is that marvelously soft wool from Iceland.  Once the cardigan was finished and photographed it was put away in the cupboard and I moved on to other projects.  I made occasional attempts at wearing it but found it just too warm – but now the really cold weather is upon us and my Lopi cardigan has come into its own.  Perfect weather for feeling warm and cosy wearing a Lopi.  And yesterday my day was made when an anonymous attendee at our Recorder Day concert admired it – that was the highlight of a wonderful day of recorder playing.

lower-intermediate-group-in-rehearsal.jpg  in concert – Lopi cardigan is 3rd from the right

Here are my notes from this project. 

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Icelandic Knitting

Latest scarf 006     Meet Thor from Iceland modelling his Icelandic sweater     I met Thor while shopping in Fred Meyer.  I was getting a coffee and so was he.  I was fascinated by his sweater/jumper.  A familiar Icelandic pattern but the use of the color orange was quite unusual.  And the yarn wasn’t fuzzy.  It was handknit in colors selected by Thor himself at the Handknitting Association of Iceland.  Presumably in Reykjavik.  Thor was so pleased with his sweater.  It’s a second skin – he wears it all the time.  It can keep him cool – or keep him warm.  He spends half the year in Seattle and goes back to Iceland for the winter.  I was quite fascinated by this because I love Icelandic wool and patterns but have always found the resulting sweaters to be very warm and the Lopi Icelandic wool a bit sticky to knit.

Thor agreed to let me take a photo of his sweater on condition that we take a selfie as well.

Latest scarf 007


Here is the Lopi cardigan that I knit a few years ago.    lopi-cardigan-close-up-resized


Artistic Recollections

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More reflections on times past.

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miscellaneous-ian-079 Work in progress Traditional Musicians, my latest oil painting

Thanks to joining the Art Group at the bowling club, I have renewed my enthusiasm for oil painting.  This morning my mind was wandering back to some early sketching that I did one summer when I worked in Ogunquit Maine.  Ogunquit has been a popular spot for artists for many years.  Stretching back to the late 19th century, there was an artist’s colony located in Perkins Cove in this small costal fishing village in southern Maine.   I think that my uncle’s mother, known to me as Mimi, was a part of this artist colony in the early 1900’s.  In any event she was a recognized artist and she and her sister, auntie Alma, had a shop called the Brush and Needle Studio.  The “needle” was Auntie Alma’s part of the business and the “brush” was Mimi’s.  Some of Mimi’s work now resides in the Ogunquit Museum of American…

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Picture Postcard, c. 1905, Wyoming Hotel, Orlando Florida

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A memory.

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  a friend of my sister sent her this “internet find” and she in turn sent it on to me.  It’s a reproduction of a postcard of the Hotel Wyoming in Orlando Florida. 

  the photo of the Hotel Wyoming, from this site

 This is sort of the Hotel Wyoming in Orlando as my 5 year old memory would have it.  I did visit my grandfather and great aunt there when I was around the age of 5.  I can remember a Mr. Jolly who could produce nickels from ears or some such benevolent magic trick.  In my mind the Hotel Wyoming had numerous rocking chairs and just a rather indolent or relaxed olde world atmosphere. 

As I was growing up, my grandfather and his sister (this would have been after my grandmother died in 1940) always went south to escape winter in New England.  Maybe not early on but as…

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Reading Surprise April 22, 2015

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stephen king 003   Joyland by Stephen King.  A good author but going by the cover I had my doubts about this one.  Much to my surprise it turned out to be a potboiler or a cheap thriller/horror.  It was a very GOOD READ.   I liked it a lot.  And it’s small size made it easy to carry about.  A good one to have for airplane travel.  I’m still an old fashioned reader of paper copies.