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The Railway at Clifden April 10, 2015

Filed under: History,Ireland,Travel — Janet @ 6:00 pm

I’ve been to Clifden many times. One of my favorite spots in the West of Ireland.

Locksands Life

I first visited Clifden in Connemara, Ireland in 1971. I never noticed anything to do with a railway back then. I was on honeymoon so maybe I had other things on my mind.

We revisited to celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary in 2011. It’s odd how a railway which closed in 1935 should seemingly reappear more than fifty years later. Or maybe it was me that changed!

If you haven’t been to Connemara it will be hard to imagine how this little town, with a population of just over 2000, can be so important. The truth is that it is very much the only town in Connemara and it serves as the capital of this large area. As a result it has streets of shops – far more than might be expected. It has hotels and facilities for people. And for just forty years it had a railway to connect…

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