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Icelandic Knitting April 25, 2015

Latest scarf 006     Meet Thor from Iceland modelling his Icelandic sweater     I met Thor while shopping in Fred Meyer.  I was getting a coffee and so was he.  I was fascinated by his sweater/jumper.  A familiar Icelandic pattern but the use of the color orange was quite unusual.  And the yarn wasn’t fuzzy.  It was handknit in colors selected by Thor himself at the Handknitting Association of Iceland.  Presumably in Reykjavik.  Thor was so pleased with his sweater.  It’s a second skin – he wears it all the time.  It can keep him cool – or keep him warm.  He spends half the year in Seattle and goes back to Iceland for the winter.  I was quite fascinated by this because I love Icelandic wool and patterns but have always found the resulting sweaters to be very warm and the Lopi Icelandic wool a bit sticky to knit.

Thor agreed to let me take a photo of his sweater on condition that we take a selfie as well.

Latest scarf 007


Here is the Lopi cardigan that I knit a few years ago.    lopi-cardigan-close-up-resized


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