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Meeting the Mayor June 1, 2015

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125px-Flag_of_Norway.svg  It was the 22nd of May in Seattle.   The King of Norway was visiting here  for several days and we were there to greet him when he came to Bergen Place here in Ballard to dedicate a mural.

may 2015 013  Can you see the King?            may 2015 015



The King came and went, without a word.  But    –    we met and talked with the Mayor of Seattle, Ed Murray.  It was also the day of the big referendum in Ireland.  The Mayor explained that earlier in the day he had been wearing appropriate items in support of the referendum to make same sex marriage legal in the Emerald Isle.   Both sets of his grandparents emigrated from Ireland to the U.S.   Susan and I enjoyed sharing our Irishness with him.






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