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Wedding Anniversaries August 1, 2015

Filed under: Genealogy,Revolutionary War,Wedding Anniversary — Janet @ 3:04 pm

Here is a bit of trivia from my genealogy – a shared wedding anniversary 200 years apart.

John Friend my 4x Great Grandfather and Sarah Lee Wallace were married on February 10, 1763.

Ian and I were married on February 10, 1968.

   John Friend served in the Revolutionary War.  It seems as if each of my male ancestors whose life spanned the Revolutionary War was a participant on the rebels side.  Young and old alike.  What a rebellious lot.

Maybe I’ll find someone who was on the other side, fighting far from home.  I’ll keep digging.


One Response to “Wedding Anniversaries”

  1. emperorp Says:

    Fascinating about that rebel blood. And how oddly coincidental about the shared anniversaries. Sometimes I wonder about meaning in apparent coincidence. When I finished reading Golden Age, Fatal Voyage, the author included a follow up of a number of the survivors and it was interesting to note that many of them died end of March/April/early May albeit in different years. I wonder if trauma memories of the sinking of the Titanic around its anniversary had any contributing factor to their deaths?

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