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They Are On Their Way August 20, 2015

Filed under: Family Photos,Memories — Janet @ 12:19 am

We are having a family reunion.  More family members arriving today. Following are a miscellany of family photos.  (I was looking for one particular photo showing us all 2 years ago – but these are some I found instead.)

Lime green cardigan Dale of Norway Heilo yarn  Whee – another son and 3 more grandchildren are in the air and on their way to SeattleIMG_0006  The 3 sons many years ago- Dublin 1972

IMG_0002 Spring 1037 – the 3 sons’ grandmother holding me and sitting on the steps in front of her are my brother Bob holding Blackie the cat, and my sisters Ruth and Nan are beside Bob and Blackie

IMG1966 – Ian before we were married

IMG_0001  Ian, the father of the 3 boys – at a family reunion in New Hampshire

photo[1] Kyle’s family tree – Kyle is our eldest grandson, now age 15

images lofoten map 2  part of the flight path earlier today

IMG_2548  3 of my college friends

IMG_2654   the Glastonbury McKees with Grandad McKee

IMG_0008 when the 3 sons were wee, pictured here with friends in St. Lucia, 1974

IMG  my Great Aunt Auntie, Me, my cousin Betsy, and Grandma Friend, 1939

IMG relations of my sisters and brother

IMG_NEW a family reunion in Milford New Hampshire

IMG_0001  College graduation, 1958


3 Responses to “They Are On Their Way”

  1. Amy Says:

    Have a wonderful time!

  2. mlegan Says:

    I hope you enjoyed the reunion, Lady Janet. The photos are fun- don’t you love how people took pictures with their car so often?

  3. Janet Says:

    The reunion is now complete – 3 sons, their wives, 9 grandchildren. Fun days!

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