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From My Book Shelves – Reading Recommendations September 8, 2015

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A Sampling Of Scottish Clans

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Scottish Thistle     Campbell Family Crest

 Sacred Ground at Holy Loch ♰

Sacred Ground at Holy Loch ♰

Clan Campbell burial grounds. Current chapel built in 1841; square tower ruins of original church (on right side) built in 1442.

Kilmun Church, Holy Loch, Argyll and Bute, Scotland; 30 miles northwest of Glasgow and 30 miles south of Kilchurn Castle; 112 miles northwest of Flodden Field in Northumberland.

In the autumn of the year 1479, Lady Margaret Douglas, a daughter of the large, wealthy, and influential Douglas family of the Scottish Lowlands married Sir Duncan Campbell, 2nd Laird of Glenorchy. Clan Campbell and the Douglases often had their differences but, as with other great families of Scotland, this did not prevent intermarriage. The Douglases were more like an extended aristocratic English family without as much emotional family patriotism as a Highland clan like the Campbells, but they knew how to marry off their children for the best political gain. True, as the daughter of George Douglas, 4th Earl of Angus, Lady Margaret socially outranked Sir Duncan, but the fortunes of the Breadalbane (Glenorchy) Campbells, the most powerful branch of the House of Argyll, were rising in the 15th Century. Unfortunately, there was one major obstacle early in the 16th Century that Sir Duncan could not overcome: the disastrous Battle of Flodden where the victorious English army killed Sir Duncan and 10,000 other Scots. When the dust cleared that September day in 1513, Lady Margaret was a widow. Surviving Campbell warriors took Duncan back for burial at the clan chapel and cemetery at Kilmun on Holy Loch. [Wikipedia photo “Kilmun Church and Holy Loch” by Stevouk, not for alteration or distribution; Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.] The old square tower on the right side of the current chapel is what remains of the church built by Sir Duncan’s grandfather in 1442. Although Holy Loch is part of the Scottish Highlands, it is at sea level. This is where American nuclear-powered submarines with their Polaris missiles were based from 1961 to 1992. For three decades, the silent boats of SUBRON 14 cruised by the silent Campbells of Kilmun. The surname descent path for this genealogy is Douglas> Campbell> Miller> Stuart> Barton> Palmer. -LP