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Eight Great Grandparents September 12, 2015

Eight Great Grandparents – Four Great Grandmothers – Four Great Grandfathers

What information can I gather to round out a picture of each person?

Year of Marriage  Location of Marriage  Presidents         Major U.S. Events     Major World Events    Children    Siblings   Photos  Occupation   Reading Preferences  Aspirations  Daily Life

Ellen Amanda Cummings  1835 – 1910

Eunice Augusta Fitz  1848 – 1878

Lucy Anna Warner  1840 – 1878

Mary Gilman Bryant  1814 – 1899


James Davis Knowles Willis  1829 – 1902

Daniel Alfred Friend  1843 – 1892

Joseph Buckingham Murdock  1833 – 1916

James Warner Miller   1809 – 1891


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