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First Day Of School September 19, 2015

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At last, the first day of school in Seattle, Thursday September 17 2015.  The Seattle teachers strike was “settled”.  In the end, the strike delayed the opening of the schools by only a week.  But what a disruptive week for almost everyone in the community.  Anticipation deferred.  Rearrangements galore.  Etc.  But when the first day became a reality,it proved to be a very heart warming and exciting day.

1st day of school 016       1st day of school 018      1st day of school 020

Another First Day of School, Belmont Massachusetts, September 1941    


2 Responses to “First Day Of School”

  1. mlegan Says:

    First stay of school photos require a door in the background – what are those kids doing by a fence. Yours is adorable.

    • Janet McKee Says:

      It was such a fun day for me. The first few days of school haven’t been so much fun for the youngest one. Surprisingly, he s still struggling.

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