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An American Girl’s Family Tree October 13, 2015

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Don't We Look Alike?

by Luanne

I’m a history buff, fascinated more with the minutiae of the day-to-day lives of individuals than with important military battles.  I love to study old photographs and collect dolls and textiles from the past. That’s why I have an ancestry.com account and am the unofficial keeper of the family archives.

All of this is kind of awkward in that I’m part of an adoptive family.  With two children and a brother who are adopted and don’t know much about their birth families, my interest in family history is something I can’t really share with them.  Long before I had children, I was a graduate student in history, focusing on local and family history.  I don’t hide this part of me, but I try not to push it on them either.

When the kids came home from school with (sometimes state-mandated) assignments to create family trees, the issue couldn’t…

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