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Who Is This Man? November 5, 2015

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A genealogical search of some interest. Fascinating.

Meeting my family

NaBloPoMo_1115_465x287_THEMEWho Is This Man?

Is This John Dinnis? Is This John Dinnis?

This photograph was sent to me a few days ago by Mary, one of my newly found American cousins. Thanks Mary 🙂 It was sent with the message “My mom had this in the John Dinnis folder” So I have been looking around for clues to try to determine whether or not this could be a photo of a young John Dinnis.

John Dinnis is the gg grandfather of myself and Mary, he was born in 1815. I have one other photograph of him, sent by another branch of the Dinnis family.

John Dinnis 1888 John Dinnis 1888

At first glance the person looks similar, the hand placement, eyes, nose etc show it might be the same man. Mary mentioned it is a ‘tintype’ which is a term I was unfamiliar with. Thankfully Mary also referred me to a website “All About Tintypes” where I…

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