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Trumbull – Dear Dave (2) – Grandpa’s Advice And Words Of Wisdom – Feb., 1945 November 17, 2015

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This Dad writing to one of his sons reminds me so much of my own father.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

ADG - Grandpa about 1945 or 1946 near a tree in winter

Page 2   2/4/1945

But to get back to you personally. Of course I would have liked to have had your departure delayed as long as possible for obvious reasons, and then I would have preferred to have you sent to the European area where the fighting seems to be nearer over than in the Far East, but on the other hand, I can, without much effort, think of some very favorable aspects of the present situation without calling too much on the Rusty imagination formula. In the first place, if it is true you go to Seattle as an embarkation point, you probably thrilled to the novelty of a trip across the broad expanse of the U. S. In a troop train with glimpses during daylight hours of our continent in wintertime – – something which the average tourist seldom witnesses. Perhaps on arrival at Seattle you recalled this as…

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One Response to “Trumbull – Dear Dave (2) – Grandpa’s Advice And Words Of Wisdom – Feb., 1945”

  1. jaggh53163 Says:

    Hi Janet, Thank you for the re-Blog. I’m always thrilled when it happens. I think Grandpa is a good example of men of his generation. it doesn’t surprise me that he reminds you of your father. It makes me think of mine also. Honorable, responsible, compassionate and caring… these are words that meant something to them all.

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