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The Irish Harvest December 1, 2015

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Locksands Life

I am so pleased I visited the west coast of Ireland back in 1971. That is now more than 44 years ago, but in terms of what I saw, it was like stepping back  another 40 years on that. I, of course, speak as a person brought up in the prosperous South of England. The West of Ireland really was a case of the past being a foreign country.

Here we have a couple of chaps gathering the harvest, by hand.

image002 They are gathering cut corn and producing a bundle of it which we’d call a sheaf. With a few lengths of the same crop they bound the bundle so that it stayed together.


The bundles could then be stood up in what I have heard call stocks, stooks, shocks or shooks.


On some farms the stooks (that’s what I always call them) were arranged with the seed heads down…

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