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The Indus valley tribes of peoples also have one of the remaining mysteries of the world today- an untranslatable written language. The art of the bronze and Stone Age is detailed and sophisticated for this time period. The Dancing Girl and other sculptures appear to be very close to scale. That has not been typical of ancient art in other cultures. When the Aryans invaded, the population of the region changed dramatically from dark-skinned to lighter-skinned peoples and introduced a new language that is now the classic language of India. The Aryans also had an effect on the social class divisions. From the untouchables, the people with the lowliest jobs, up to the priests and scholars- the most highly regarded professions in the society.

This caste system was strict and very hard on the lower classes. Two of India’s greatest stories, the Mahabharata and the Ramayana, come from inner conflict…

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