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Holiday Donations December 13, 2015

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The Sweaty Knitter, Weaver and Devotee of Other Fiber Arts

Around the holidays there seems to be an uptick in the number of people knitting or crocheting items (particularly hats) for holiday or charitable donations. When I have seen the contents of “donation baskets” – the containers into which handmade knit or crocheted caps are dropped – I am always horrified by the goods. They are almost always items that are “quick and easy” to make out of some of the most horrific yarns and colors one could choose … crocheted hats that could deflect bullets, knit scarves with garish clashing colors, yarns that won’t do much to keep the wearer warm, yarns that are not long-wearing, yarns that will not hold their shape, et cetera.

I’m sure you’ve seen hand-knit or -crocheted accessories that are, well, blindingly awful – the ones where the colors hurt your eyes, the feel of the fiber makes you cringe, and the design has…

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