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Special Picture # 226 – Grandpa’s 1960 Christmas Card December 21, 2015

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"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Vignettes - topADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Vignettes - bottom

This is what the card actually looked like. It is about 10″ x 13″. I have scanned smaller portions so you can see the detail.

ADG - 1960 Christmas card - Vignettes of Life - opening


by A.D. Guion and Families

Back home again from a trip to the Orient in time to check up on the various Guion activities.

Wayward Donna succeeded in completely wrecking Grandpa’s Florida trailer but spared the New Hampshire Island retreat at Lake Winnipesaukee.

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Grandpa Arrives Home From Florida

(Artist Ed Cullen’s caricature of Grandpa returning home)

ADG - 1960 Christmas Card - Lad and Marian

Lad, Marian and four children (two now teenagers) are each helping to make the world a better place in which to live.

(Ed Cullen’s caricature shows Lad driving a Frouge Construction Company (his employer) trailer and Steam Shovel on the way to Marian’s Kindergarten School, with four children looking on, Greg on a bike with a baseball bat (a game he still plays), Lynn on a scooter and the two…

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One Response to “Special Picture # 226 – Grandpa’s 1960 Christmas Card”

  1. jaggh53163 Says:

    Thank you Janet for re-blogging my Grandpa’s 1960 Christmas card and showcasing his creativity. May you and your family have a blessed Christmas.

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