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Alfred Duryee Guion – The Beginning (2) January 10, 2016

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The person writing this was born in 1884. Older than my father by a few years, younger than my maternal grandfather by 10 years.

"Greatest Generation" Life Lessons


ADG - Alfred Beck Guion @ 1885

Alfred Beck Guion

ADG - Ella Duryee Guion @ 1885

Ella Duryee

ADG - Alfred Duryee Guion at about 1 yr old in 1885

Alfred Duryee Guion

In 1884, the year I was born, that part of Fifth Avenue, New York City, where my parents lived, was “uptown”, which meant somewhere above 59th Street at that time my mother could recall looking out of their dining room window and seeing cows feeding in the nearby pasture.

My grandfather, Joseph W. Duryee, of which I stood in awe, had only one eye, having lost the other in babyhood through the carelessness of his nurse allowing him to crawl to an open fireplace and falling on a hot coal. He was a lumber dealer during the 1860’s and quite wealthy. His residence on 42nd Street, near the present Public Library, was said to be the first in New York in which a private elevator was installed for his sick wife. He had several brothers, all quite prominent socially, one…

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  1. jaggh53163 Says:

    Janet – Thank you for the re-blog. I hope your readers enjoy it as much as I do in sharing the story.

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