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My Grandfather’s Funeral January 17, 2016

trinity episcopal newark  Trinity Episcopal Church Newark Ohio

My paternal grandfather, Major Charles Dana Miller, died on Saturday evening July 23 1898 at *Cedar Cliffs*.in Newark Ohio.  The obituary was printed in the local newspaper the following Monday and the funeral service was held at the Newark Episcopal Church at 10 a.m. on the Tuesday.  The Rev F B Nash officiated.  Mourners were his wife of 18 years and their 5 children – Myrtle, Dana, Ruth, Joseph, and Roy.  My father Joseph had just celebrated his 7th birthday.

(Source:: Newark Daily Advocate Monday July 25 1898).


Early Missionary Work In Ohio

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trinity episcopal newark Trinity Episcopal Church Newark Ohio

Early in the 1800’s as part of the westward expansion and early settlement of Ohio, itinerant preachers/missionaries came to Ohio.

In 1898 my grandfather’s funeral was held in this church.  My father was 7 years old.