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My Uncle Dana January 24, 2016

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dana m miller grave marker  Dana Murdock Miller 1887-1913 Cedar Hill Cemetery Newark Ohio

Dana was my father’s older brother.  He was 4 years older, not a big gap.  What puzzles me is that there is so little information  about him.  I understand that he was very popular, and outgoing.  He was an actor.  He died in Chicago in a fire on September 27 1913 at the age of 26.  That is the impression I have but if that is so, why the mystery?  Did he die in a fire? Or was there some other cause of death?

In the introduction to her  book of poetry self-published by my grandmother when she was in her 80’s and a member of a poetry circle in Daytona Beach Florida, she writes that she raised 4 children.  Clearly she raised 5 children.  She was 50 years old when Dana died.

Unfortunately both my sister and I have misplaced her little book of poetry to re-examine the  introduction and the poems more closely to see if there any clues to explain this.


Female Prime Ministers

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Sirimavo_Bandaranaike   Sirimavo Bandaranaike, first woman Prime Minister of Sri Lanka – the first woman Prime Minster ever

There is a discussion on another blog {Jean’s Knitting} about female Prime Ministers and their coming to power.  Mrs. Bandaranaike was from a significant political family.