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Was My Ancestor A Witch? January 25, 2016

Filed under: Ancestors,Genealogy,Salem Witch Trials — Janet @ 8:00 pm

I am trying to sort out whether it was my ancestor who was convicted and executed as a witch.  Of course with hindsight we can determine that none of the convicted women were guilty as charged but they were unfortunate victims of their place in time and history.

One of my ancestors was Rebecca Nurse.  Now a Rebecca Nurse was tried and convicted and executed as such.   But was the convicted woman not to be mixed up with my ancestor of the same name.  That is a puzzle I am trying to sort out.


One Response to “Was My Ancestor A Witch?”

  1. allenrizzi Says:

    A thorough genealogy of all people named Rebecca Nurse living at the time should rule your ancestor in or out. I had a similar situation with an Italian ancestor. (Yes, there were witch trials in Italy at about the same time.) I found that my ancestor was tried but not convicted. In the end she was considered a harmless old widow that was distraught over her husband’s recent death.

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