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Color And The Vikings January 28, 2016

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viking-colors  Wonderful colors from natural dyes

(photo from ThorBlog)



The French And Indian War Again

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I have found another ancestor who served in the French and Indian War, 1755-1762.  [See previous post re Benjamin Warner]  This is a step into what now feels like almost the immediate past.  When I was growing up I had a small piece of wood in one of my bureau drawers.  I think this was given to me by my father.  It was supposed to be a memento from the French and Indian War, which was fought about 200 years prior to my early history studies in the 1940’s.  I wonder whatever happened to that little piece of wood.  No name was attached to this little piece of wood – just that it was from that war.

I now have a name of another ancestor who served in that war – Alexander Trimble I, 1726-1785, my 4X Great Grandfather. He was a veteran also of the Revolutionary War He is buried in Crown Point New York on what was the Chilton Trimble Farm.

Alexander Trimble I in 2 Wars



Irish Ancestors

Shamrock Symbol         Irish Immigrant

My Irish credentials – I lived in Dublin for the first 44 years of my married life,

I am married to a man born and bred in Belfast Northern Ireland

Some of my ancestors came from Ireland – to name one, Alexander Trimble who emigrated from County Donegal at the age of 22 on May 20 1849 – at the height of the Irish Famine.  Alexander Trimble was my 4X Great Grandfather