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Armstrong Sperry Revisited January 29, 2016

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Janet's thread

In my previous blog entry I referred to Armstrong Sperry and gave a couple of references.  Now just to complete the picture,  here are a couple of entries I made some time ago  in my other blog Travels with Janet.

The Book Collector – this is the title of a chapter that I wrote back in the mid-1990′s when I was reflecting on events in my life.  Here are some excerpts from what I wrote at that time:

Browsing in the rather ramshackle book fair, casually perusing the miscellaneous assortment of books – beekeeping, history, political pamphlets, mountain climbing, fairy tales, “not much here,” she thought.  Armstrong Sperry – suddenly there as if by magic leaping up at her from the motley collection on the table.  There she was suddenly jolted back to her childhood – a favorite author from way back when.  What marvelous hours had been spent in…

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