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Up the patience ladder February 6, 2016

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A Bushsnob in Africa

Our acquittance with Vervet monkeys in Harare started with friends telling us that they were lucky to have the frequent visit of a troop of vervets in their garden that they enjoyed very much. We felt mild envy but there was not much we could do. Their house is about one km from ours and located in a less populated and wooded area.

We forgot about monkeys until one day last year when, to our delight, a monkey was spotted in our garden. The original sighting was done by Stephen, our caretaker, and we were soon searching for the primates up our trees.

DSCN8218 copy Our very first picture of a Vervet monkey in our garden!

DSCN8219 copy A close-up of the intruder.

Of course, we found them eating our passion fruits, behind our backs! They had climbed the first step of the ladder!

We forgave their sins as they were nice to watch!…

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One Response to “Up the patience ladder”

  1. How very exciting. (For some reason the photos are so enlarged as to be difficult to read and a bit blurry.)

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