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Leaving Cork February 27, 2016

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The Cork Woman

My first piece ever, was published in The Irish Examiner.bus 3

Leaving Cork is something I’d expect to be getting used to at this point.  I’ve been doing it seriously for 21 years now. That first time was the worst.  Right before leaving for the airport my Dad and I took a walk down a country boreen by his house in Waterfall, and I waited for him to ask me not to go.  I would have changed my mind so easily then.  But he didn’t.  Instead he talked about the power of youth and opportunity, and the importance of being brave with your life.  That was all very inspiring of course, but what I really wanted him to say was, “Leave? Don’t be ridiculous.  Come back inside and we’ll have a cup of tea”. He didn’t though, and I sobbed and sighed all the way to Shannon, and then heaved my…

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One Response to “Leaving Cork”

  1. corkwoman Says:

    Thank you so much for the reblog. It’s very cool that within days of the one year anniversary of my aunt’s death (the event that precipitated the trip I wrote about here) the piece is being re-read. I always felt that my Aunt Rita had a hand in it’s initial success, so it makes me feel very connected to her that, through you, there is renewed interest.

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