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Edward Clap Came To America On The Hopewell March 1, 2016

Andrea Doria   The Hopewell made several voyages in 1635.  Edward Clap, 1605-1664, sailed to Boston on the Hopewell in that year.  His wife Prudence accompanied him.  He was age 26.


I wish the passengers could have had some of my knitted blankets.  A 400 year wait!


Bound For Jamestown – Wrecked Off Bermuda

This ancestor was trying to get Virginia but his ship, theSea Venture, was wrecked off the coast of Bermuda.  My 9X Great Grandfather  Thomas Eustace GatesAndrea Doria


Stephen Gates Family Came To America

Stephen Gates and his wife were my 8X Great Grandparents.  English Immigrant