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Grandma’s first forty years in pictures March 8, 2016

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Hillside, New Jersey, 1922: Woodruff golden wedding anniversary

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Pisher Award Goes to …

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A couple of months ago I addressed what I call the Pisher Paradox in the fiber world. It came to mind as I read an article online from Bloomberg (3/1/16) titled “Why Shoe Startups are Making Sneakers from Wool.” (Bloomberg is a privately-held company in New York City involved with financial software, data and media. Thor subscribes to the magazine, and a version of the article is available to non-subscribers online.)

Those of us who work with wool just have to love the presumptions painted by Kyle Stock’s article where he mentions five companies who have or are introducing sneakers with wool tops: Allbirds (New Zealand), Baabuk (Switzerland), Mahabis (Britain), Nike (U.S.) and Converse (U.S., now a Nike subsidiary). Stock used phrases – both his and and others’ – referring to using wool in shoe products as “novel,” “innovative” and “new materials.”

AllbirdShoeAllbirds CEO Tim Brown is…

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