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Trip Home – New Church March 14, 2016

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HX Report

New Church (Teampall Nua – in the Irish Gaelic language).

New Church lies on the HX to Lough Gur road and sits on the edge of the lake shore. There is a great view across the lake to Grange House from the church grounds which MB has featured in some photos included in recent posts.

From the loughgur.com website:
“New Church replaced an older chapel which was used by the Earls of Desmond. The present structure dates from 1679 – a simple rectangular building. It was endowed with a chalice and patten which bear the inscription:

“The guift of the Right Honourable Rachel Countess Dowager of Bath to her chapel-of-ease Logh Guir, Ireland 1679”

The famed poet harper Thomas O’Connellan who died in 1698 in Bourchiers Castle is buried here in an unmarked grave as is Owen Bresnan (1847-1912) local poet and historian who composed Teampall Nua and Sweet…

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